Right Now is the Best Time

I can't tell you how many times I've found myself thinking about starting a project but then talked myself out of it because of not having time. Well now that we're all marooned​​ on our own islands of home thanks to COVID-19, I can't really use that reason. Granted, I'm not swimming in free time - I've always worked from home so that remains status quo - and with the girls home my days are pretty jammed. BUT THIS CANNOT BE AN EXCUSE ANYMORE.

​​I am literally bursting with inspiration these days. Something that - if you've read any of my previous posts - you will know I've been chasing and lacking for several years. The challenge is that when I do have time to create it's at night when the girls are asleep. My studio is just down the hall from them, so I can't exactly be 'writing it out' loud while they're snoozing away.

I could move my setup to our unfinished basement, but the thought of creating in a dungeon is less than appealing. It may be my only option though until we finish the attic. How do others work through this? Comment with your ideas!

It's been a minute since I've written one of these. Whether or not anyone is listening, I'm going to release a new post each Friday like I did before. I hope you will read it and consider sharing it with fellow creatives, because creativity is going to get a lot of us through this.