Work it Out

I have started exercising! I've never liked to exercise. When I was kid, my friends would want to run around outside. I, however, much preferred the confines of my house to the great outdoors.

Don't get me wrong, I love being out in nature. I love to camp, hike, boat and ski. I just don't typically like going outside for the sole purpose of exercising. If I'm outside and I happen to get exercise - bonus!

Why the sudden love for exercise? We recently got a Peloton. After thinking about it for a looong time, Eric took the plunge and ordered our new friend whom we named Drogon. I am loving this thing. I never thought I would. Especially since I had never taken a spin class before in my life.

So now I'm addicted, which is great! I'm 6 weeks in and can't wait to "ride my dragon" each day. I think it plays into my aforementioned desire to be safe indoors as opposed to going out in it for my exercise. Perhaps it's the craziness of the roads - I love to ride my road bike, but will only do it early in the morning when traffic isn't moving yet. Whatever it is, I'm happy to clip in and sweat out my frustrations, and I'm so dang grateful for this piece of machinery.

What do you do to keep the blood pumping? Leave a comment and let me know, and thanks for reading my post!

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