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My inner artist and I have an interesting relationship. Sometimes we're besties, other times mortal enemies. The relationship is never boring but it can get a bit stagnant at times.

Now is one of those times.

I don't think I've written a song in months. Maybe even a year. And this KILLS me. I feel like a piece of my body is missing when I'm not writing. Like I'm Nearly Headless Nick, wandering through the halls of Hogwarts a bit dazed and confused.

I've tried The Artists Way to no avail. Too touchy feely. I've tried journaling to kickstart the machine. No dice. I think what I'm missing is taking the time to connect to myself. Each day though, I feel like I'm putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I'm finding new ways to make time for myself - hello, Peloton! So I'm hopeful that my creativity will follow soon.

For now, I will continue to listen for my muse and will hope for the best.

What are you working on that's inspiring you? Do you have a method or process for keeping in touch with your creative self? Let me know, and thanks for reading.



Guilford, CT, USA


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