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Best By ??/??/????

I've noticed that I tend to get asked a certain question fairly frequently lately.

"Are you still doing music?"

Let's leave out the fact that I'm not even sure what doing music specifically entails and focus on the question. Are doctors asked if they're still "doing" medicine as they age? Probably not. Because it's a part of who they are, right? They may stop when it's time to retire, but not when they are just getting to the good stuff in life.

In the music industry, however, there seems to be some sort of implied expiration date for when we're supposed to stop. The self-doubting-still-an-insecure-teenager in me always takes this as a gentle suggestion to slowly exit stage left. Am I too old to be doing this? Should I really just fade quietly into the sunset and stop feeding my creative soul?

Hell no! I'm just getting started!

So thank you to those of you are out there listening to my music and reading my musings.

Because the best is yet to come.