When the Worry Beast Comes to Town

I have a confession to make. I am a worrier. I worry about things. A lot. Things I can't control. Things I can. And although every ounce of my sane self says this is silly, you KNOW you can't control this, I still find myself wasting time thinking and thinking and thinking.

With all of this thinking comes exhaustion. With exhaustion, comes irritability. With irritability, comes yelling. I don't like yelling. So I take medication to help tame the worry beast and keep things running more smoothly. I'm worrying a bit right now because I just told you I take medication - whoever "you" are. In addition to medication though, I need a little more help to keep my worries at bay.

So I walk the dog. Or I call my mom. Or I do a yoga video on YouTube. Sometimes I literally tell myself it's all going to be ok, or I take a few deep breaths to get things back on track. Other times I pound on the piano or sing as loud as I can. This one helps a lot.

What worries keep you up at night or poke into your mind at the worst times? What do you do to calm the f*uck down? If you too are constantly battling invisible monsters, let me know in the comments below. It might quiet the beast for a bit if you talk about it. If nothing else, it will let this kid know she's not alone.

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