What Prompted This?

Sometimes, as writers, we get a little stuck. You sit and you try to write the next best thing - or even the next anything - and things don't quite come rushing out as quickly or as easily as you would like.

That's when a little thing called a prompt can help. What is a prompt? A prompt can be anything really but is typically a word, a phrase, a paragraph or an image. Prompts are meant to serve as a starting point for a piece to jumpstart creative thinking. You see the prompt, and you begin to write whatever comes to mind relating to it.

While some artists have mixed feelings about prompts, I find them to be tremendously helpful in shaking ideas loose and bringing them to the surface. Other artists use prompts every day to get something down on paper. What are your feelings about prompts? Do you use them? Love them? Hate them? Leave me a comment below.

For now, I will leave you with a prompt:

Write a lyric or song about daylight