When the Muse Takes a Day (or Year) Off

Being a creative person can be really freaking hard. You feel this need to create - to get your feelings out into the world - but sometimes you get so caught up inside of your head you end up blocking yourself completely. This can then spiral into a whirlwind of self-deprecation and doubt that can last for days, weeks or even months.

So how do we break this cycle and go easier on ourselves? Is there a sure-fired cure to unclog the mental drain? I've found that for me, it often involves completely unplugging from all things electronic, taking a step outside of my usual surroundings and just giving myself time to think. This is a challenge in and of itself since I'm usually doing about 4 things at once. But when I can achieve it, it is truly delicious.

What works best for you? Is it going for a run? Meditating? Having coffee with a friend? Take a moment to listen to your inner voice as it tells you what it desperately needs, and you may find creativity simply pouring out of you.

I suppose the moral of this story is that in order to free your muse and get things going, you need to be kind to yourself and let your creativity come out when it's ready, not when you command it to appear. Breathe deeply. Take a walk. Write bad poetry. Just stop judging yourself and let the muse take you where she wants to lead. Remember that you are blessed with the ability to express yourself in ways others cannot. So keep that in mind and just let go.