Founded by singer/songwriter Laura Clapp, Write it Out Songwriting Workshops offer students of all ages a way to express themselves in a judgement-free atmosphere through guided brainstorming and collaboration.​



For the Elementary Level:

Write It Out Songwriting Workshops at the elementary age level focuses on the common core standards of comprehension and collaboration, as well as presentation of knowledge and ideas. After a brief introduction to the concept of songwriting, students are told a story. The students are then asked to re-tell the story in their own words as Laura captures their thoughts on a white board. After selecting the main lyrics as a group, Laura then crafts a song with the class.  


For Middle School and Up:

For older students, Write It Out Songwriting Workshops focus on a collaborative, interactive exchange of ideas and an introduction to the mechanics of songwriting. Students are asked to brainstorm as a whole and are then broken into smaller groups to allow for the development of theme, lyrics and melody. The groups are offered guidance as needed and are then encouraged to share their songs with the group as a whole.  

For Educators:

Laura will come to your school to give a workshop to you and your fellow educators. The focus will be on engaging students through songwriting and melody creation while maintaining ties to common core standards. The workshop runs for two hours and will provide you with the skills you need to bring Write it Out back to your classroom.


Every year we conduct a writing conference that brings students from 13 shoreline schools to participate in workshops from different writing disciplines and professions. Laura's songwriting workshops are consistently the most popular.  We bring her back every year!

- Rob Ford, 6-12 ELA Coordinator

Song writing is another genre of writing that students may never be exposed to or have the impression that they are incapable of completing.  By having an artist in the classroom sharing her craft in a way where all students can be successful promotes that positive encouragement and growth that will carry on to other areas/subjects.

- Bernadette Bober, Elementary Educator



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